Tune in, turn on, turn it UP!

Whenever my exercise motivation starts to lag, my first avenue of attack is to change up my music. It always spices up my workouts, and knowing I have a few great new songs to listen to makes me look forward to going to the gym, even when I’m tired. I also need a constant stream of new music ideas for putting together spinning classes. Gotta keep it FRESH!

But finding new or interesting music can be quite a challenge sometimes.

I get music ideas from all over, but usually rely heavily on the iTunes store and iMixes in particular. Recently, though, I’ve found that Blip.fm is a lot of fun, especially because so many of my brilliant and creative Twitter friends are on there. More great resources include the Jim-Fit blog, Pandora Radio, and, of course, hubby @thronkus‘s spinning classes. And then there’s always @akaMonty‘s Friday Night LIVE, but I would say that music is more what *not* to play! πŸ˜‰

I know there is so much more out there, so tell me: what are your favorite music inspiration sources? What are your favorite workout songs? What’s at the top of your iPod playlist RIGHT NOW?

And also, are you an in-the-car rock star? I know *I* am! πŸ˜‰


13 thoughts on “Tune in, turn on, turn it UP!

  1. Cool! I never knew you had a blog! I am a shower rock star! Oh yes definitely in the car as well! My kids say I embarrass them! πŸ™‚ Nice site! I will be back….take the squat challenge at my site….I dare ya! πŸ˜›

  2. Strangely, one of my favorite sources for new music was San Diego radio station 94.9. Strange because the last place in the world you’d expect to hear something new and good is on the radio, but sure enough they’re true music lovers there (with a deep-seated hatred for what Clear Channel has done to radio, I might add).

    Since I’m out of range up here in San Francisco, I’ve had to rely more on friends’ (real or Twitterfied) input. Pandora hasn’t really gotten me going yet with something new, although I’ve found some winners with iTunes “you might also like” functionality.

    If you know my site [*cough* plug *cough*] then you know I’m coming at this from a musician’s perspective, as well as with a specific set of criteria for what works for exercise and what doesn’t. When I’m not road testing our own stuff, I first look for things that have a specific BPM that match my running stride rate; it’s also critically important to me that the song structure isn’t all stoppy-starty, or doesn’t have the “I’m carrying the weight of the world” density to it (think Soundgarden, say, or dirgey new-ish Metallica stuff. Gah.)

    For running, when it’s not HS stuff, I’ve been digging Pinback (almost any album, but “Autumn of the Seraphs” is great), Mastodon’s “Leviathan”. Mastodon is definitely not for everybody.
    For lifting, something that makes me want to punch folks in the face–heavy, chunka-chunka guy music–usually works well. Again, that’s just me.
    For cooling down/stretching, Rufus Wainwright is goodness, as well as some old Modest Mouse (pre-Float On) and some Pinback. Again with the Pinback. What can I say? I love Pinback.

    Holy crap have I hijacked your comments. Sorry! It’s a topic near and dear to my heart!

  3. Being a karate nut, my playlist for my traveling time to the dojo is as follows.

    1. Smack My Bitch Up – The Prodigy
    2. Playing to Win – John Farnham
    3. Breath – The Prodigy
    4. Song 2 – Blur
    5. Thunderstruck – ACDC (takes a while to get going but, once it does, wow).
    6. Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky) – Bill Conti
    7. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

    I would really love to hear some other track to add to the mix.


  4. Spinning music is all about tempo tempo tempo but @Lizwebpage’s spin classes are infused with super-endorphins and make you wanna woooot woooop woooop!

  5. Thanks, duuuuuuudes! These are all great suggestions!

    Except for you, @mark_salinas…squat challenge? C’mon, let’s throw in some sprint intervals in between! I’ll do it if you name a good couple of songs to get me through! That’s my challenge to YOU! πŸ˜‰

    @glenmcfarlane: Check out the Jim-Fit blog playlist. I especially like the different versions of “Stronger.” There’s the original by Daft Punk, the Kanye West version, and a remix. All good, different, and they always give me a boost.

    @John at Hella Sound: I am gonna have to spend some time looking through this. I love your passion on this subject! I’m def gonna be frequenting your site!

  6. I don’t work out. I’m just naturally like this. πŸ˜‰ But here are some selections from a workout mix I made for a friend:

    Lift Me Up (Mylo mix) – Moby
    Pump Up The Volume (Jock Jams Mix) – MARRS
    Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiesto Mix) – Sarah McLachlan
    Danger! High Voltage – Electric Six
    In Dust – Chemical Brothers
    Days Go By (Full Vocal Mix) – Dirty Vegas
    Groove Is In the Heart (Armand Van Helden White Label Mix) – Dee-lite
    Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) – Everything But The Girl
    Around The World – Daft Punk

    And I’m completely an in-car rock star. Great post idea BTW!

  7. Holy late to the party. I just saw you had a blog. Gotta be my fault for not noticing sooner.

    And it features Pepper? Well sorta–where are her posts?

    Since I’m about to pedal myself, here a few of my big hill tunes–in no particular order.

    -Evenflow, Pearl Jam
    -The Fly, U2
    -Interstate Love Song, Stone Temple Pilots
    -The Real Me, The Who
    -But, Honestly, Foo Fighters
    -Learn to Fly, Foo Fighters
    -Causing a Commotion, Madonna
    -Give It Away, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    See ya on the twitter….

  8. How come I didn’t know about this? Well, I still didn’t get to hear the theme to Love Boat. I need a better MP3 converter for my out-dated player; have plenty of fresh tunes, just need to convert them.

    Wild, wild west – Kool Moe Dee
    Dance – CNC Music Factory
    Irish Step Music (Great for Boston)

    Ciao ladies, love the space.

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