6 Things, 6 Tags, Part 2!

6 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About @pprlisa (Lisa Dilg) but Didn’t Care Enough to Ask About:

I’ve been tagged three times now for the 6 things meme and I have also been harassed by several people, especially Liz, to contribute to the Hypothetical Blog already. So here it is, six things you might not know about me is now my inaugural Hypothetical Blog post.

There are a couple of things in here I am a little afraid to tell people who haven’t already met me. Because of them, you might get a different picture of me than who I actually am because they are VERY contradictory to my personality, but they are funny, so here goes.

Now stop bugging me.

  1. OCD: I don’t have full blown OCD, but I do have some OCD traits, ok, a lot of them. These are for the most part things that I do that wouldn’t be noticeable unless you were looking for it, but are ridiculous and unnecessary nonetheless. One of the worst parts of OCD is that the person doing the thing knows how ridiculous it is, but still feels compelled to do it. I have many that I do throughout the course of the day, but the funniest involve flying. For example, when getting on the plane, I HAVE to touch the outside of the plane. When taking off or landing, I HAVE to have both feet on flat on the floor of the plane. I also HAVE to look at the safety instructions, even if it’s just for a second. I have tried to make myself not do these things, but it’s hard to convince the OCD part of my brain that we will NOT crash if I don’t do these things. So what’s the harm, I just do them.
  2. College: In college, not only was I in a sorority, I was President of the sorority for two years. The name of my sorority is Alpha Sigma Tau at Central Michigan University. Did we occasionally do silly things? Yes. Did it mean I had to sing sometimes? Yes. Did it mean that I went to the most fun parties, met some great people, had the best four years of my life and still regularly see over 20 people I went to college with? Yes. So bite me. It was great; I would totally do it again. The movie Old School fills me with hope that I really could do it again somehow…
  3. My First Life: I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling and used to be a therapist in a residential facility for juvenile delinquents. Two to three times a year for six years I went on Outward Bound types of backpacking trips into the middle of the forest with 12 delinquents. We hiked through brush where you couldn’t see beyond a foot in front of you and through chest high swamps and slept wherever we were when it got dark. This is why, Jay, you will never see me camping without electricity, bathrooms and a cooler EVER. Its not that I cant do it, it’s that I’ve had enough and wont ever do it again.
  4. Violin: Yes, I used to play the violin. Got something to say about that? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I tried the guitar too, but I was terrible. Not much better at the violin though either.
  5. Places I’ve lived: after moving from Pittsburgh at age four, I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life, but in my 20s I lived in some funny sounding back ass towns: Tustin, Leroy, Mt. Pleasant, Reed City, Hersey, and the very funniest: Hog Back Lake. Seriously? Seriously. OMG, get me back to the city.
  6. Softball: I play softball…still. Shut. Up. I have played softball since I was 8. I played competitive fast pitch through high school, but declined the opportunity to play in college. Since then I have played on pretty competitive co-ed and all girls teams in the summer and fall, and play winter ball twice a year in January. I still have an arm like a rocket and can out throw some men. It’s my thing and I love it but there is nothing I do that makes people tease me more. I get why, but shut up.

Well, that’s it, those are my secrets. Aren’t you glad you asked? Now, please, say hi to your mother for me.

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6 Things, 6 Tags (Chain Letter ’08)

My hubby, @thronkus, got tagged in this 6 Things game, and since he doesn’t have his own blog, well, herewith are:

Six Interesting Things About Me> by @Thronkus

  1. I was a Paramedic on an Ambulance for 7 years.
  2. I lived with cannibals in the Solomon Islands and New Guinea with my Dad who was an Anthropologist. I also lived in Iran studying Pastoral nomads in the desert. I also got to travel all over the world back in the 1980s.
  3. I met my wife @lizwebpage online in 1994 before the Internet as we know it (no .com existing).
  4. My Great Grandfather was the father of modern taxidermy (Carl Akeley) and founded the first National Park in Africa to preserve the Mountain Gorillas. In our house we have a table that Carl Akeley made out of an elephants ear.
  5. I can ride a unicycle and I fly helicopters (but not simultaneously!)
  6. I was the Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts in my town of Lincoln for 4 years.

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The rules to play are easy …

  1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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