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superbowl-trophyIt’s that time of year again: time drink lots of beer, eat copious amounts of wings, cheez, and JUNK FOOD, and watch football dudes in really, really tight pants kick some serious football butt! I don’t actually watch the game much, but that’s only because I’m always the one throwing the Super Bowl party!

But ever since I’ve “downsized” I’ve learned a thing or two about “right-sizing” my Super Bowl goodies. I’ll always provide the hard stuff for the unwashed masses, but there are plenty of yummy options for those seeking lighter fare, or for the hostess who’s trying to sneak in something healthy and stealthy ala Jessica Seinfeld and the woman who’s suing her. In fact, I always make it a game of my own to see what healthy alternatives I can get away with!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite Super-Healthy, Super-Stealthy, Super Bowl Sneaky Snacks! (more…)


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To market

Bro-in-law forgot to mention (until this morning) that we are to bring potatoes and squash to tonight’s Christmas dinner. Hmmm. We searched high and low and finally found a Russian market that is open on Christmas day. It’s a Christmas MIRACLE!

Here’s wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a few Christmas miracles of your own! 🙂

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Well, the final tally is about 13″ of snow. It made it up to the bottom of the stone wall…woo hoo! Then last night the temperature rose just enough to melt a bit of the snow and then plunged below zero again so now everything has a nice, slippery crust of solid ice. I *LOVE* winter! Argh! Here’s the final view, and a couple of shots of the boys plowing the driveway.

I did go out and take pictures around town yesteday, but I’m already bored with how WHITE everything is. We need some color around here, STAT!

What’s the weather where you are? And if it’s over 70, can I come visit? 😉

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Ayup. Still snowing. *Sigh!* So this morning I thought I would venture out a little bit and give you a slightly broader view. I also threw in a couple of pics from other seasons to show the contrast.

If I get ambitious I may go out and take some pics around the ‘hood later. But for now I hope you enjoy these frosty pics!

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Snow update

Dudes, it is *STILL* snowing out there! Took a few pics to track the progress. If this keeps up I won’t be able to open my freakin’ door! Snow shovel? What? I want a flamethrower!

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So the local news here in Boston has been hyping the HELL out of this snowstorm, the first of the season. What is this? Snow? In New England? In WINTER? OH. EM. GEE!!!

So natch, everyone has gone on down to the supermarket to stock up on their white bread and triscuits. I was lucky in that I didn’t have to be on the road too much after the snow started, and though I did do a faceplant in the driveway when I got home from the gym, all in all I’m in pretty good shape.  I’m hanging w/awesome hubby and awesome nephew (home for winter break), and fabulous kittens. We have electricity, heat, triscuits, bad movies to watch, a bit of wine… Yep, life is GOOD!

Tomorrow it’s going to look BEAUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL out there,  but I thought I’d start early and take a few pics during the storm. So herewith are pics of the BLIZZARD OF 2008: the view from my patio! (Heeeeee!)

Hope you are warm and happy wherever you are right now. Merry merry! 🙂

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OMG, I am BESIDE MYSELF about this election! Who’s gonna win? What’s gonna happen? WHAT am I gonna do with myself now that it’s over? Anyway, I took a few pics with my phone whist voting and thought I’d just memorialize my Election Day ’08! Did you vote? VOTE!

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