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Gobble Gobble!

As I am perpetually watching my weight, I sometimes dread the holiday season because of all of the YUMMY FOOD! Temptation abounds! My trainer has a few tips on his blog for getting through the holiday season without overindulging. These include:

  • Don’t try to “save calories” by starving yourself before Thanksgiving dinner! You’ll most likely just end up eating MORE.
  • Try to stay with your regular workout routine as much as possible during the holiday week. You’ll stay calmer and saner and be more likely to stick to your program.
  • Prepare your Thanksgiving feast in a healthier way, using alternatives for butter, cream, and fatty gravies and sauces.

Check out the rest of the tips here. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Yeah, that includes all you silly foreigners, too! 😉

‘Tis the season: EATING season!
From Halloween through New Year’s Day, the holidays are a minefield for those watching their weight. It’s estimated that the average American gains between 1 to 5 pounds over the holiday season, and that the weight accumulates over the years and may be a major contributor to obesity later in life. But holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable. Determination and preparation can keep you on track through even the most tempting holiday treats. Here are a few strategies to help you get through the season beautifully, healthfully, and happily!

Got any tips for keeping on track this Thanksgiving? Please share! I need all the help I can get!


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I’m teaching several spin classes this month…come and join me! It’s a party on wheels! 🙂

  • Sunday, 9/07 – 9:30 AM
    Gold’s Gym, Needham
  • Tuesday, 9/09 – 6:30 PM
    BSC Wellesley
  • Friday, 9/12 12:00 PM
    BSC Newton
  • Tuesday, 9/16 6:00 AM
    Gold’s Gym, Needham
  • Friday, 9/19 12:00 PM
    BSC Newton
  • Sunday, 9/21 9:30 AM
    Gold’s Gym, Needham
  • Monday, 9/22 5:45 PM
    Gold’s Gym, Natick
  • Friday, 9/26 12:00 PM
    BSC Newton

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