Snow update

Dudes, it is *STILL* snowing out there! Took a few pics to track the progress. If this keeps up I won’t be able to open my freakin’ door! Snow shovel? What? I want a flamethrower!


What to wear?

It’s still snowing and I’ve got a bit of cabin fever, so I’m web surfing. Which inevitably led me to the mutilated Barbie® jewelry website. Right? Gotta love the internet!

I want one of those bracelets!

I want one of those bracelets!

So the local news here in Boston has been hyping the HELL out of this snowstorm, the first of the season. What is this? Snow? In New England? In WINTER? OH. EM. GEE!!!

So natch, everyone has gone on down to the supermarket to stock up on their white bread and triscuits. I was lucky in that I didn’t have to be on the road too much after the snow started, and though I did do a faceplant in the driveway when I got home from the gym, all in all I’m in pretty good shape.  I’m hanging w/awesome hubby and awesome nephew (home for winter break), and fabulous kittens. We have electricity, heat, triscuits, bad movies to watch, a bit of wine… Yep, life is GOOD!

Tomorrow it’s going to look BEAUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL out there,  but I thought I’d start early and take a few pics during the storm. So herewith are pics of the BLIZZARD OF 2008: the view from my patio! (Heeeeee!)

Hope you are warm and happy wherever you are right now. Merry merry! 🙂

I’m the kind of person who is generally unafraid to try new things and I like to jump in with guns a’blazing. But on the other hand, I like to be really, really good at what I do. I’m starting a new endeavor soon—don’t want to reveal too much yet, as it ‘s not 100% solidified—but it’s something that is going to be a big change for me.

howtobeanexpertI know I can’t start out as an expert right away, so I recall finding comfort in this “How To Be An Expert” chart and thought it would help to revisit it.

It makes me feel better to know we all have to push through the “Suck Threshold” before we can come out on the other side. Knowing this can help get us through it: “Hey, it’s not just me who sucks…this happens to everyone!”

I hope you also find some comfort in this when you are starting off on something new and exciting. Just have patience, work hard, pay attention, and keep on pushing past the “suck threshold” to the “kicking ass” threshold! You’ll get there. Me too! 🙂

More on my new endeavor shortly…stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you have any tips on finding your footing in a new environment, please share! I know we’ve all been there at one point or another!

P.S. I can’t remember where I borrowed this graphic from, so if it belongs to you, please let me know and I’m more than happy to credit you. Rock on!

Gobble Gobble!

As I am perpetually watching my weight, I sometimes dread the holiday season because of all of the YUMMY FOOD! Temptation abounds! My trainer has a few tips on his blog for getting through the holiday season without overindulging. These include:

  • Don’t try to “save calories” by starving yourself before Thanksgiving dinner! You’ll most likely just end up eating MORE.
  • Try to stay with your regular workout routine as much as possible during the holiday week. You’ll stay calmer and saner and be more likely to stick to your program.
  • Prepare your Thanksgiving feast in a healthier way, using alternatives for butter, cream, and fatty gravies and sauces.

Check out the rest of the tips here. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Yeah, that includes all you silly foreigners, too! 😉

‘Tis the season: EATING season!
From Halloween through New Year’s Day, the holidays are a minefield for those watching their weight. It’s estimated that the average American gains between 1 to 5 pounds over the holiday season, and that the weight accumulates over the years and may be a major contributor to obesity later in life. But holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable. Determination and preparation can keep you on track through even the most tempting holiday treats. Here are a few strategies to help you get through the season beautifully, healthfully, and happily!

Got any tips for keeping on track this Thanksgiving? Please share! I need all the help I can get!

Oxford University has compiled a list of the top ten most irritating phrases, though this particular article doesn’t specify a time period. Most irritating EVER? This year? This millennium? Anyway, I find these amusing, although I am guilty of using some of them myself. I’ve added a few of my own below.

Oxford’s Top 10 Most Irritating Phrases

Irritated1 – At the end of the day

2 – Fairly unique

3 – I personally

4 – At this moment in time

5 – With all due respect

6 – Absolutely

7 – It’s a nightmare

8 – Shouldn’t of

9 – 24/7

10 – It’s not rocket science

My additions:

11 – It’s a mute point

12 – Irregardless…

13 – That being said…

14 – It is what it is

15 – It’s the mother of all [whatever]

16 – That’s what she said!

I would add “Say Hi To Your Mother For Me,” but not yet…

What phrases irritate you the most? Do tell. And should you feel compelled to add “do tell,” to this list, by all means, please do. 😉

Election Day ’08!

OMG, I am BESIDE MYSELF about this election! Who’s gonna win? What’s gonna happen? WHAT am I gonna do with myself now that it’s over? Anyway, I took a few pics with my phone whist voting and thought I’d just memorialize my Election Day ’08! Did you vote? VOTE!

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